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Arranger, Producer, Singer/Song Writer Michael Ray Mckulsky (A.K.A)”Ras Daniel Ray” was born in St. Catherine, JAMAICA from a large Christian family, being one of twelve children. His father named him Ray, like the musical note DO RE ME because of his melodic infant cry which was his calling that destined him for a musical career starting as early as 5years old with the church choir.

As a teenager Ray started to perform with Echo Tone & Night Rider sound systems. He soon gained popularity in Jamaica with Kilamanjaro Sound, sharing the stage with Shabba Ranks, Dennis Brown, John Holt, Gregory Issacs, Julian Marley, Sizzla, Garnett Silk, Charlie Chaplin, Brigadier Jerry and Sister Carol to name a few

In 1993 he released his first singles “Bubbling Pot “& “Jamaica Nice”, produced by Harry J. Sunset Records and written by Sangi Davis who took him under his wing, guiding and teaching him the principals of Rastafari. This was turning point in his career, that he would forever after share the messages through the music of the Rastafarian Heritage.

In 1996, Ras Daniel Ray embarked upon his first European Tour with Beres Hammond, where he connected with Swiss Promoter Rootsman, with performances in Austria, France, Italy, Spain and throughout the UK. This marked the beginning of an artistic collaboration across Europe and Africa including Ethiopia, Reunion Island and The Ivory Coast.

Ras Daniel Ray returned to Europe in 1998 to base himself between Paris & Jamaica, working with Jetstar/Mafia &Fluxy in the UK, as well as Reggae on Top, releasing the singles “You don’t know me –unplugged”, ‘Redemption Reality ‘and Cannabis, versions influenced by Dub music.

He gained notoriety with various radio stations in Europe including France Inter, where he had a pivotal encounter with the band Tu Shung Peng. A creative collection was born that resulted in the production of their first album ”Around Tu Shung Peng’ in 2007 followed by “Trouble Time” in 2008. These two compilations was produced under the label Makasound and distributed in France by PIAS, also the USA, Japan, Italy, Portugal and the UK, singing “Man of the Mountain’, “Can you be my Princess”, ‘One sweet Day and “Vision Land”.

Ras Daniel Ray continued to work as a solo artist in the sound system, with the label Palate Records releasing a two CD compilation “Orange Street” and “Pirates & Treasures” with vocals on “Follow the River”, “Make it To The Top” and “Golden Age”. He went on to record Dub Plates such as “Olympic” produced by Scotch Bonnet Records which pays homage to Jamaica Olympic World Champion runner ”Usain Bolt”.

Between 2007- 2010 , Ras Daniel Ray has performed in several concert halls and festivals with French band Tu Shung Peng which included a European Jump In  organized by Rotodam Reggae Sunsplash Festival as finalists in 2008, also performing at Zion Garden, Garance Reggae Festival in 2010 alongside the likes of Bunny Wailer, John Holt and Toots and the Maytals.

The album “Ray of Light”, collaboration with Tu Shung Peng was a highly successful release in 2011, and is considered to be a bridge over generations, fusing the origins of Reggae from 1970s with more modern musical orientations that are inspired by Jazz, Soul and Blues which gives Ras Daniel Ray the Uniqueness of his music and the writing of his lyrics.

Ras Daniel Ray is currently performing in concerts in France, Greece and will be performing in the UK & Europe in 2015, also recording songs for the release of his next album. Working in collaboration with his good friend Vin Gordon (was Bob Marley’s Trombonist) and one of the greatest musician’s in Studio One

Ras Daniel Ray’s voice is silky, soulful& sweet, delivering an Ancestral message his music and lyrics take on a True Spiritual Journey into his Rastafarian Roots & Culture



Ras Daniel Ray.

 Main Events:
Reggae Sun Ska Festival (France)
 Quissac Festival (France)
 La Teste Festival (France)
 Parkers Place (Abidjon)
 Sashamani and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

- Rototom Sunsplash (Italy)
- Les Zicalizes festival (ile de France - France)
- Festival Roots dans la Vallée (Seine et Marne - France)
- Festival Fiesta Reggae Sun (Villefranche sur Saône - France)
-Irie Fm (Jamaica)
-Kiss Fm (UK)
-Radio BBC (UK)
- Festival Tous sur le Pont (Blois - France)
- Festival PernoRock (Lille - France)
- New Morning  (Paris - France)
- Live @ Le Fou du Roi (France Inter, Radio France)
- Boulibaï Sessions (Malik Boulibaï, France Inter -France)
- Sunday Culture (Selecta KZA, Generation 88.2 - France)
- Reggae Remedy (Selecta Seni, 106.3 FPP - France)
- Radio Nova 101.5  (France)
-Garance Festival  (France)
- Tele Sud Tv (Paris)
 - France ô Television (France)
- JBC Television (Jamaïc

-Arte TV (France & Germany)
-skidrow Radio (australia)
-Rip Curl Surf contest with Boulibaï Sound and Keziah Jones (France)
- QuickSilver Surf contests with Groovaton Dance group  (France)
- Israel Sound  (Reunion Island)
- URM Sound (Greece)
- Mass I sound (France)
- Bushland Festival,With King Kong (Germany)
- Blood and Fire with Ranking Joe and U Brown (France)
- With Brother Culture (Portugal)


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